Holiday Gift Guide | Gifts for Herbalists, Self Care Lovers & More!

And just like that, it's already that time of year again. Tis' the season for holiday cheer, festive drinks, heavenly food and of course, gift giving. We know firsthand how stressful holiday shopping can be, but don't fret, we're here to make your holiday shopping as simple, enjoyable & fulfilling as it can possibly be. Think of us as your eco-friendly, herbal-enthusiast neighbourhood Santa Clause. 

From the at-home herbalists in your life to the self care lovers and chefs - we've got gifts for everyone on your list. Here's some of our top gift ideas for all the different types of people in your life:


The Self-Care Lover:

  1. Om Organics Deep Conditioning Hair MaskThis all-natural hair mask makes a great stocking stuffer or small gift for any self care lovers in your life! This mask is made using coconut, pracaxi oil and tucuma butter which work together to moisturize, detangle, shine and soften even the thickest and driest of hair! Try it once on fine, thick and/or wavy hair, and you’ll never use another conditioner.
  2. Om Organics Radiant Body Scrub - Is there anything more satisfying than scrubbing away all that dead skin that tends to build up during the colder months? This all-natural scrub is made from a combination of exfoliants and moisturizers leaving your skin renewed, softened and moisturized! We love this mini as a stocking stuffer!
  3. Lumia Botanicals Whipped Body Butter - When we say we cannot live without this body butter, we're not just being dramatic, we truly mean it. Made using all-natural and high quality ingredients, this whipped body butter will leave your skin feeling deeply nourished & hydrated. This is a great gift for both the men and the women in your life as it comes in two different scents, a more feminine rose geranium as well as an everyday bergamot cedarwood!
  4. All-Natural Bath Bombs & Tub Truffles - If you've got a bath lover on your list, you cannot go wrong with our all-natural and non-toxic bath bombs and tub truffles! Our eco-friendly and skin safe rendition of the classic bath bomb is a crowd favourite that's sure to take your bath to the next level while being good for both you, and the planet. If you've never tried a tub truffle before, boy oh boy are you in for a treat! Our tub truffles are similar to a bath bomb, but are primarily made using coconut oil which will leave your skin feeling silky smooth after a good soak in the tub!
  5. Konjac Charcoal Facial Sponge -  You may have seen these facial sponges around before, they've been becoming increasingly popular and we can assure you it's for good reason! Konjac sponges are made from the Konjac root, a porous vegetable that grows native to Asia.  The Konjac plant is naturally alkaline, helping to balance the pH of our skin as well as gently cleanse & exfoliate the skin. This Konjac sponge is enriched with bamboo charcoal which helps to unclog and tighten the pores as well as fight acne-causing bacteria. If you've got a skincare enthusiast in your life, we promise you they'll love this!


The Aromatherapy Enthuiast:


  1. Essential Oil Shower Steamers - Hear us out... a bath bomb, but for the large proportion of the population that honestly would rather just take a shower. These essential oil shower steamers are a super simple and super effective way to enhance your daily (or maybe less frequent, we're not here to judge) shower with a little dose of aromatherapy! Made from baking soda and all-natural organic essential oils, these shower steamers are meant to be placed on the floor of your shower where they will slowly dissolve and release essential oils into the air. With oils for a better mood, stress relief, immunity and more - we've got a steamer for every purpose and every person!
  2. Organic Essential Oils - Did you know we've got well over 50 organic essential oils in store? If you're shopping for someone with a diffuser, or maybe they have a diffuser on their list this year, we've got both classic and unique oils for them to add into the rotation! In addition to our single essential oils, we've also crafted a variety of different blends that range from stress relief to digestion and immunity!
  3. Organic Essential Oil Rollers: Whether they're a seasoned aromatherapist or simply interested in nice scents or holistic ways of healing, our essential oil rollers make a great gift for anyone and everyone on your list. Use it as a natural fragrance or as a simple yet effective wellness tool. 


The Master Chef & Lover of All Things Food:

  1. Salts, Peppers & Seasonings, Oh My!For all the food lovers in your life, we cannot recommend shopping our ever-growing collection of salts, peppers and seasonings enough! From kitchen staples such as taco seasoning and culinary herbs to unique spice blends such as our West Indies Rub or Black Lava Salt, we've got something for every level or chef and every palate of foodie. One of our go-to gift ideas is grabbing a few different salts, peppers and spices in some 125ml jars and creating our kitchen giftset!


The At-Home Herbalist:

  1. Prairie Doctor Brand Herbal Tinctures: Trust us when we say that there's no herbalist that wouldn't love an herbal tincture as a gift! We've got well over 200 different tinctures that are organic, sustainable, made in small-batches and herbalist formulated. There's no better gift than the gift of health & wellness!
  2. Bulk Organic Medicinal Herbs: We can also guarantee that no herbalist wouldn't love bulk herbs, they really are the gift that keeps on giving. Get your loved one stocked up on all they need to create their own tinctures, teas, salves, oils and so much more!
  3. Bottles & Jars: Building on the above-mentioned gift idea, we herbalists tend to have a love for all sorts of bottles and jars that we can use to store our preparations! A simple way to know you're in the midst of an herbalist is the overflowing collection of mis-matched bottles and jars that they have. 


The Coffee & Tea Lover:

  1. Smoking Gun Coffee Beans: If you've got a coffee lover on the list this holiday season, look no further than our collection of locally roasted Smoking Gun coffee beans. Light roast with fruity notes? Dark roast with chocolatey notes? Somewhere in between? Something completely different? We've got it all! 
  2. Matcha Powder:  You bet we have a wide variety of different matcha powders! From traditional style powders to sweeter latte blends, we've got the matcha powder on your list covered. 
  3. Rare & Artisan Teas:  We like to think of ourselves as a tea lovers heaven. It's a big claim we know, but we're pretty confident that we live up to it. From classic green and black teas, to incredibly rare and small batch white and pu-erhs, we really do have it all. Similar to the spice blends, we love making a little gift set of different tea selections for all the tea drinkers in our lives! 


The Sustainable Homebody:

  1. Mint Cleaning Products: Now we know what you're thinking... cleaning products, as a holiday gift? But trust us, these are not your average cleaning products. Mint makes a line of clean, non-toxic and sustainable cleaning products that will take you from zero to Monica Geller before you know it. Not only do they smell amazing and leave your home feeling clean as can be, but they're also great for you and the planet. What's better than that?
  2. Good Juju Shampoo & Conditioner Bars: It's no secret that most shampoos and conditioners are not only full of toxins, but are also a major waste of plastic and other pollutants. Good Juju Shampoo & Conditioner Bars are waste-free, good for you and good for the planet. Plus, they actually work, so you don't have to sacrifice the cleanliness of your hair for the good of yourself and the planet. 


Did we forget someone in your life? Let us know and we're always more than happy to make some gift recommendations! 

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