Our Story

Forage & Faire is a family owned herbal apothecary, mercantile & cafe in the heart of Downtown Abbotsford, British Columbia located at 2635 W Railway St.

Inspired by a reverence for plants, people and the interconnection between the two, Forage & Faire was created to encourage regenerative, sustainable and healing ways of existing within our world - for humans, the Earth and all other living beings. 

Offering everything from bulk herbs and spices to all-natural, botanical lifestyle, health/wellness and beauty products, Forage & Faire is a one-stop for everything that you need to live a more natural, sustainable and plant-powered life. Not only an herbal apothecary and mercantile, we are also very excited to have our own in-house coffee and tea bar where you can enjoy a variety of herbal tea blends, locally roasted Smoking Gun pour over coffees and other herbal-based beverages!

We believe that by living and learning with nature, we are not only better able to understand and care for ourselves, but also the world that exists around us. By tuning into nature and inviting nature into our everyday lives, we can grow, heal and sustain our lives as human beings while simultaneously regenerating the Earth and inspiring a brighter, better and healthier future! Everything found at Forage & Faire is derived directly from nature, meaning that it is sustainably, ethically and naturally made or produced with no additives, fillers, chemicals or un-natural materials. If it isn't made by what comes to us naturally from the Earth, we don't have it!