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Amber Essential Oil

Amber Essential Oil

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Our Amber Essential Oil is extracted from the sap of prehistoric conifer pines of the Himalayan mountains. Amber offers a smoky, resinous and woody aroma. Known to be versatile, Amber Essential Oil can used for:

  • As an anti-inflammatory and antiseptic to help heal minor skin damage, cuts, scrapes and burns.
  • As a source of antioxidants and hydration for the skin. 
  • To soothe and ease stress and anxiety. 
  • To energize and refresh the mood. 
  • To help ground emotions. 

How to Use

Amber Essential Oil can be used in a diffuser, or diluted into a carrier oil of your choice for topical application.

Amber is classified as a base note in aromatherapy formulations.


100% Amber Essential Oil

Use with Care

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