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Sustainably Cultivated American Ginseng Tincture

Sustainably Cultivated American Ginseng Tincture

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Harnessing the adaptogenic properties of American Ginseng, our tincture serves as a form of supportive therapy to help maintain healthy glucose levels.


Additionally, American Ginseng provides relief from nervous dyspepsia, soothing digestive discomfort associated with stress and anxiety. Its gentle yet effective formulation supports healthy digestion, alleviating symptoms and promoting a sense of calm and ease.


American Ginseng can be used to fortify your body's natural defenses, enhancing your resilience against external stressors and promoting overall wellness.

Some other uses for American Ginseng in herbal medicine include:

  1. For relief of restlessness and/or nervousness (calmative)
  2. Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for deficiency of qi and yin, internal heat, cough, bloody phlegm, fire in the deficiency syndrome, dysphoria and tiredness, dry and thirsty mouth and throat.


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